Ella Riley’s Traditional Sweets

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Do you remember Riley’s Toffee?

If you do then you probably remember how wonderful they were, and how sad you were when they stopped producing them…

Well, we have some good news for you! They’re back!

Mrs Freya Sykes is the Granddaughter of Ella Riley (after whom she has named the company that now produces this confectionery) and Ella left Freya a hand written copy of the recipe, which is now used to make this delicious toffee. It is however made slightly softer than the original toffee (as of course we all want to be kind to our teeth these days!) but it’s still coated in either a gloriously bitter dark chocolate or a wonderfully creamy milk chocolate.

The toffee is hand made in the Ella Riley kitchens at the rear of the shop at 76, Nolton Street in Bridgend, South Wales and the public are welcome to come and watch the toffee being made on a daily basis. The aroma of hot bubbling toffee  fills the shop which also sells all your favourite sweets in quarters too. From penny pick n mix to old favourites like Lion’s Midget Gems we’ve got the lot! (and in quarters too!)

You can also come and join us at the shop too for chocolate making sessions (contact us to book a party) or to come and see the toffees being made. With all ages groups catered for there’s bound to be something to suit everyone.

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